Cloud Telephony / IVR / Misscall Service

Cloud Telephony and

Hosted IVR Services

Technofic has partnered with some of the best service provider companies to promote and deliver a range of products and services required to efficiently engage, manage and monitor your operations.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is perfect for your business as it delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place and at any time. It is the best and simple way to have any innovative phone solution and to eliminate the costs and risks of ownership of having an on-premise based phone system. The biggest advantage of a cloud telephony system is that it is quick, easy and affordable for any size of business.

Hosted IVR Services

IVR system is always a requirement for today’s business as it enables a person, typically a telephone caller to make selections from a voice menu. We all must have come across automated voice selection process while we call customer services. The selection is made using touch phone keypad entries or voice responses. The phone systems play prerecorded voice prompts from which the person presses a number on a telephone keypad to select his options.

Missed Call Services

A unique way to connect to your customers with a Toll Free Number on which a call gets disconnected after a ring and no burden is passed onto your customer. This is widely used by various applications across the industry depending on the organizational requirements. You can publicize this toll free number to your customers and all they have to do is a miscall for you to connect to them.