Geofencing Work for Your Small Business:

Geofencing is the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network and/or local radio-frequency identifiers (such as Wi-Fi nodes or Bluetooth beacons) to create virtual boundaries around a location. The geofence is then paired with a hardware/software application that responds to the boundary in some fashion as dictated by the parameters of the program.

Push notifications are one of the best available app features with the most potential for return on investment—and geofencing takes push notifications even further. When one of your app users enters or exits a geofenced area, a targeted push notification is sent directly to their device. This timely, relevant mobile messaging is great for customer engagement. Users hear about offers or announcements when they’re in the area and able to act on them.


  • Now the geo-fencing market is expected to reach $300 million by 2017 and expand beyond the confines of traditional location-based applications.

  • The opportunity to reach an existing or even a potential customer within a short distance of your service or product location gives an entirely new meaning to ‘target market.’

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